Tennis Betting Strategy – How To Make a Winning Strategy for The Tennis Court

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Every year, millions of viewers tune in to watch exciting matches at prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon, the French Open, and the US Open. This has attracted gamblers and betting enthusiasts looking to cash a jackpot from the billions of dollars that are bet on the sport every year. Yet, competition is fierce and without a tennis betting strategy, it’s likely that you’ll end on a losing streak and stay there.

tennis betting strategy

Tennis Betting Strategy to Apply:


One of the hardest strategies to master for people is making bets for value. Yet this remains one of the most important principles which is followed by every successful gambler. Value betting involves diminishing your losses by choosing your bets to maximize your profits.

When placing bets for value, it’s common to see people betting on the underdog. This is because if he manages to win the profits will be considerably larger than betting for the favorite.

Yet, this strategy is not a wildcard that you can use in any situation. Only place your bet after you’ve studied thoroughly both players history, stats, and performance.


The best way to understand a player’s potential is by measuring his performance through time. Rankings give a good idea of how well a player measures against his competitors. Although they aren’t an exact science, they can give you an idea of what to expect when the big day arrives.

But rankings by themselves can be deceiving. It’s not unheard of to watch a lower ranked player defeat the favorite and then get eliminated after he fails to perform consistently.

The best way to use rankings to help you place a winning bet is by following as many players as you can during the season. Then compare their ranking to how well they performed against their next competitor.


Any piece of information you can get about the players’ style is invaluable and will help you get a good grasp on the most likely outcome.

In tennis, as in boxing, “styles make fights” which is why knowing the player’s strengths and weaknesses will give you an advantage over people who stick to pure value betting.

This requires a bit of research but once you have the data it’s easier to make a prediction about which player is more likely to win and why.

Thanks to the internet, finding every detail of a player’s style is easier than ever. Online pages like the ATP’s official website are an excellent resource. That you can use to research every detail of the upcoming game’s player.


The court where the match is held is just as important as the player’s previous performance because pros tend to fare better in certain types of tennis courts.

A player’s performance can be significantly improved or impaired according to which type of court he’s playing in. Because they alter the speed at which the ball moves, and could force the player to change his style.

For example, even though Rafael Nadal has won tournaments on all surfaces he is particularly dominant when playing over clay. Always know which type of court favors each player and what type of weather is expected when placing your bet.


For many bettors, their strategy revolves around the careful analysis of stats and mathematical probabilities. But ultimately players are humans just like us and their performance will be affected by how motivated they feel that day.

An underdog with nothing to loose can become the tournament’s revelation. While the favorite might underperform or be eliminated in his first match.

Once you’ve gained enough experience you’ll be able to distinguish a hungry player from a timid one just trying to pass to the next round and avoid elimination.

The worldwide popularity of tennis offers profitable opportunities for bettors employing a well-thought-out tennis betting strategy.

With a good combination of scientific theory, knowledge of the game, experience, and self-control you can thrive over your competitors. The same way that the pros shine over the tennis court.

Make sure to include these pointers in your tennis betting strategy so you can get back on a winning streak and stay there.

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