Sure Bets Making $1000+/Month – The Secret of Arbitrage Betting Revealed – Updated 2020

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Did you know that people earned over $8000+ every month on sure bets?

We have been told that it's hard to win on sports betting, what if there was a way that guaranteed you winning every time you placed your sports bets?

Sure bets, sure wins or arbitrage betting is placing bets on different outcomes of a sports event with different bookmakers to ensure you end up with a profit regardless of the outcome.

Since a mathematical advantage backs all the results, a win is guaranteed.

For sure bets, the winning bet covers all losing bets, and the bettor will always make some profit.

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Sure Bets Today 2020

You might wonder how the current sure bets market looks like? Are people really still making any money of arbitrage betting? If there are still any sure bets opportunities today 2020.

To answer this question we have gathered some statistics to give you a better picture of the current sports arbitrage betting situation.

According to one sure bets service who have gathered sports arbitrage data since the end of 2003 until today, we can see a downward going trend for how much you can earn on sports arbitrage each month.

The following graph shows how much their customers could have made each month if they bet a total of $1000 on every sure bet their system alerted on.

In 2008 you could make over $8000 each month if you followed their system alerts.

Since 2013 the profits have gone down to between $1000-$3000 each month. 

sure bets profit

There are also other statistics showing that there are still plenty of arbitrage betting opportunities.

As you can see below this sure bets service provider found over 600,000 arbitrage betting (Arbs)​.

betting arbitrage past results

The different sources indicate there are still many sure bets opportunities today and you could make a decent amount of money depending on what your starting bankroll is.

Customers who bet a total of £1,000 on every arb we sent during March 2017 made a profit of £934.20!


From a sure bets service website they have updated data that you absolutely can make a profit every month on betting arbitrage.

In the last 6 months we have found 8,660 arbs. That equates to an average of 1,443 surebets every month! If you had invested £1,000 in each of our arbs over the past 6 months you would have made a profit of £268,574.10.

Arb Hunters

According to Arb Hunters, there are still a huge amount of money to be made on sure bets.

How Do Sure Bets Work?

Arbitrage betting is when the bettors use mathematical calculations to exploit the difference in odds for a particular event on different bookmakers.

Sure bets or Arbitrage betting is commonly referred to as "arb". People who engage in arbitrage betting are commonly referred to as Arbers.

So how do sure bets work exactly? We will describe how sure bets work with two different scenarios, one football match, and one tennis match.

The reason we use a football match is because it has three outcomes:

  • Home team wins
  • Draw
  • Away team wins

For a tennis match you only have two outcomes:

  • Player 1 wins
  • Player 2 wins

Football Sure Bets Example

Let's start with the football scenario. Consider a football match with the following odds on these three bookmakers.


Bookmaker X

Bookmaker Y

Bookmaker Z

Home Team Wins








Away Team Wins




From the table above, taking the home win with the best odds from bookmaker Y (2.30).

Draw from bookmaker with best odds, bookmaker Z at (3.50) and away win with the best odds i.e. bookmaker X (4.23), as a result, this game has a 4.31% over broke chance.

The return of investment will be 4.31% for the current sure bet.

With proper staking aiming a $100 return, an outlay of $95.69 guarantees a $4.31 return regardless of the outcome.

To calculate the stakes, we use inverted odds and multiply by a preferred standard value. In the current case, our preferred value is $100.


Best Odds


Profit with Win

Lost Stakes

Overall Profit

Home Win












Away Win






To find out what amount to stake you use the following formula:

(1/odds) x return amount

Let's use the home win as an example. The odds for a home win is 2.30 and let say you aim for a return amount of $100.

The calculation will be as follows:

(1/2.30) x 100 = $43.48

Amount you will win is 43.48 x 2.3 = $100

Amount you win on a home win is 100 - 43.48 = $56.52

You see the draw and away amounts in the table amount using the same calculation as shown.

The least likely profit in the table above is $4.31.

football sure bets

Tennis Sure Bets Example

For the second example, we will use a tennis match. The main difference is that there is only 2 outcome either player 1 wins or player 2 wins. For this example, we will use a tennis match between Roger Federer, Switzerland against Bernard Tomic, Australia.


Bookmaker 1

Bookmaker 2







To find out the amount to stake we use the same formula as in the football example:

(1/odds) x return amount

Let's aim for a $100 return for our sure bet for the tennis match between Federer and Tomic.

Amount to stake on Federer: 1/1.35 x 100 = $74.07

Amount to stake on Tomic: 1/5.6 x 100 = $17.86

Total amount staked: $91.93

The total return on investment (ROI) for the tennis sure bet will be 8.07% or $8.07 since we aimed for a return of $100. For all the detailed numbers see the table below.


Best Odds


Profit with Win

Lost Stakes

Overall Profit













tennis sure bets

How to Find Sure Bets

With the example above you probably wonder why not everyone uses sure bets or arbitrage betting all the time to win money.

​One of the difficult parts with sure bets is to first find them and identify where you can place your bets.

You have to know what exact numbers you should be looking for.

"One of the difficult parts with sure bets is to first find them and identify where you can place your bets."

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To make things a little bit easier we take the tennis match example. For the current bet, there are 2 possible outcomes. To have a sure bet you need the following calculation to be less than 1.00.

1/(odds for outcome 1) + 1/(odds for outcome 2) < 1.00

Let's take the tennis match example from above with Federer against Tomic. If you insert the numbers you will get the following calculation:

1/1.35 + 1/5.6 = 0.74 + 0.18 = 0.92

From the sure bet calculation, we get a number that is less than 1 which means it is a sure bet, a betting arbitrage has occurred.

To help you find sure bets easier we have created a table that will assist you in finding new opportunities.

If we use the first row from the table as an example. If you find an outcome 1 with the odds of 1.2 you need to find another bookmaker offering a better odds for outcome 2 of greater than 6.0. If that's the case you have a sure bets opportunity.

Outcome 1

Outcome 2


> 6


> 4.33


> 3.5


> 3


> 2.66


> 2.42


> 2.25


> 2.11


> 2.0

For higher odds of outcome 1, the odds needed for outcome 2 drops. As you can see in the table if outcome 1 has the odds of 2.0 you only need 2.0 as odds for the outcome 2 to have a betting arbitrage.

You could, of course, try finding all these sure bets manually. Doing so would be very time-consuming. Since arbitrage betting relies heavily on acting fast you would most likely miss the opportunities that would arise by doing this manually.

Luckily you will find different websites and software on the market that will assist you in finding these sure bets today. We will list some of these at the end of the article.

Naturally, arbitrage opportunities will arise because of all the available online bookmakers out there, but they will try correcting the odds quickly to not expose themselves toArbers.

Now that you know how sure bets work, let's see what you need to get started. We will also take a look at how much money you need to get started.

Further reading:

The math behind Arbitrage opportunities from Cornell University

find sure bets

Requirements for Successful Sure Bets (Arbing)

Good and fast Internet connectivity

Before venturing in Arbing, just like any form of online gaming, you require a medium specification computer and a fast internet connection.

Alternatively, you can use a mobile phone in placing bets due to its convenience but we don't recommend it.

Initial betting capital

Will find a lot of different recommendations for how much you need and it will, of course, depend on what your current income looks like.

Multiple bookmaker accounts

You will need to sign up for a number of different bookmakers if you plan on making money on sure bets.

Different bookmakers will set their own odds on different sporting events.

It's crucial that you already have created all the bookmakers' account and inserted money to all your betting account with enough money so you can act fast on new sure bets alerts.

You also need to create all these accounts to be able to verify that you are offered the same odds as you sure bets provider is getting. The odds could differ depending on different parameters described risk section later in the article.

The list of available bookmakers are endless, but you should try to open accounts on all the accounts that your arbitrage service is subscribing data from.

If you don't have a bankroll big enough to have money on all the accounts you still can open betting accounts on all websites.

"When the betting arbitrage arise you will have to act fast!"

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When the betting arbitrage arise you will have to act fast and insert money on the current bookmakers you need to place bets at.

A big risk is the bookmakers that are very new and small. Learning from history many of these have closed and the players had issues with the withdrawals process.

If you feel uncertain if the bookmakers you are about to open an account on are safe bookmaker website you can download our bookmaker resource list where we have listed bookmakers that are A-rated according to different sources.

Digital wallet accounts for online payment

You need to have digital wallet accounts to deposit and withdrawal from your bookmaker account quickly. Below is a table of the best E-wallets currently available online.

Digital Wallets

skrill logo
neteller logo
paypal logo

Then deposit money to all the bookmakers was you have created your accounts. You will need to make fast decisions when performing sure bets. You won't have time depositing money after you found your sure bet opportunity.

If you have either a VISA och MASTERCARD it could probably work as well in the beginning. The problem is that not all bookmakers allow withdrawals to credit cards, so you will probably be forced to get a digital wallet of some kind.

You might ask yourself why a regular bank account doesn't work. The main reason is the speed of deposits. Since you will need to be quick when working with sure bets. The normal bank money transfer takes too long time.

If you have a huge bankroll you could deposit money in advance to all the different bookmakers you will place your bets at. In thatway you could skip a digital wallet.

Subscribe to an arbitrage service

Since identifying sure bets may be a tough task, you need to subscribe to a distinguished arbitrage service.

Arbitrage service subscription saves you time and helps you to maximize profits by eliminating any risks associated with arbitrage betting. Read more about the different available sure bets services.

Note: Speed and simplicity are key factors that influence success in sports arbitrage. Since odds allowing arbitrage occur for a very short time, you need to have access to fast and reliable internet connection every time to identify and place bets when the opportunity comes.

In the "Get Started with Sure Bets Guide" we list trusted bookmakers and betting exchanges that are sure bets friendly and recommended sure bets services.

How much do you need to get started with Sure Bets?

That will, of course, depend on your current income situation. There will be a huge difference is you're a student compared to a full-time arbitrage bettor.

We have previously tried sure bets ourselves for a year with different results. We had a start budget of around $1000, but we believe you could get started with about $500.

To be successful and profitable you will need to invest a quite large sum of money and be very active since sure bets opportunities return less than 1.2% according to a report from NCER National Centre for Econometric Research

​The betting market has changed dramatically so these numbers can be very inaccurate. According to recent sources, we got an answer from an arbitrage bettor who said that you should have a bankroll of between $2,500 and $10,000.

sure bets bankroll

Is Sure Bets Legal?

There should exist no doubt about arbitrage betting being legal because the Arber only takes advantage of the variation in odds between the odds offered by different bookmakers. As a result, there is nothing wrong with sports arbitrage.

However, if general sports betting is illegal in your country or area, then arbitrage is also automatically illegal. This is the only factor that can hinder one from engaging in arbitrage betting. Arbing acts as a career just like forex trading to successful Arbers.

Advantages of Sure Bets

  • There is no risk of losing money if you complete a sure bet. Since an arbitrage is a sure bet, under constant conditions, one does not lose a coin regardless of the outcome. This is because an arbitrage covers all the possible results of the game.
  • Arbitrageurs can make a lot of money. Since all the possible results in a sports event are taken care of, arbitrageurs invest huge sums of money making it possible to make massive profits. Although the profits range between 1 to 4% per game placing huge stakes and following the schemes for long ensures profits.
  • Arbitrage opportunities regularly arise. Since there are an infinite number of sports events in the world today and many online betting websites, opportunities for arbitrage betting keeps on emerging. As a result, the arbitrageur is assured of new opportunities every time.

The above information about arbitrage betting sounds too good to be true. This is partially correct.

There is nothing perfect in the world. More so for the get-rich plans, when the deal is too good, think twice. In as much as sure bets exist in the form of sports arbitrage, they also result in massive losses under some situations.

Here are some scenarios that may result in massive losses from arbitrage betting.

Risks and Disadvantages of Sure Bets

Sure bets, like other forms of arbitrage trading, is referred to as an almost risk-free way of betting.

Note: The word almost here implies that arbitrage is not a sure way of making profits. Sure bets are not a way to get rich quickly. You will need to put in the hours in front of the computer and work hard to get the results you want. The return of investment will depend on how many hours you put in and there will always be the sure bets that fail.

Some scenarios would result in losses even after placing the sure bets. After all, sports betting is a form of gambling with risks involved.

  • You must be quick to identify arbitrage bets – to get opportunities to place arbitrage bets; you must act fast to identify the game and the bookmaker with the most variant odds to get a high percent profit.

As a result, arbitrageurs should subscribe to sports arbitrage services that inform them of available arbitrage opportunities at a cost. Although this helps to identify the arbitrage events, the costs may be too high thus lowering the possible profits. Additionally, one may get late in acquiring the information leading to loss of money paid as subscription costs.

  • Arbitrageurs need many bookmaker accounts. To perform sure bets you have to open accounts with different bookmakers and load each account with stakes. This amounts may be too high to max out for your bankroll.
  • Constant Money Moving. Since results can’t be even across all the bookmakers, the arbitrageur is usually a victim of money moving and the costs involved. Other than attracting commissions, money moving also results in suspicion from the bookmaker. 

This may lead to account closure or confiscation of winnings leading to losses. Make sure you have a look at all the fees involved for different deposit and withdrawal options on the different websites.

  • Currency conversion costs. Since you will be using many different bookmakers they might offer different betting currencies which also could lead to costs for the currency exchange.
  • Bookmakers have inhibitive policies. Due to fear of losing to arbitrageurs, various bookmakers have inhibitive policies against arbitrageurs. Policies such as maximum stake limits and following your staking plan hinder arbitrageurs from making profits.
  • Bookmakers change your personal odds. When you win on a regular basis on a certain online bookmaker they could lower your odds, this actually happened to us once during our arbitrage betting session.

If this is the case your betting odds will differ from the arbitrage betting services you are subscribing to.

Sometimes the bookmakers will remove a certain bet that you placed. It could be because they realize they made a mistake when setting the odds. This could increase your exposure to the current sure bet and you could lose all your profit the this bet.

Worse case scenario the bookmakers could close your account if you are winning to much and too often.

  • Slight loss of focus causes massive losses. In sports arbitrage, the slightest loss of attention results in huge losses. Making the wrong decisions can lead to mind-blowing losses.

However, as long as we have a market of many different online sports betting websites, there will always arise arbitrage betting opportunities.

Further reading:

Paper on "The Limits of Arbitrage" from McMaster University

Sure Bets Services

When online sports betting websites started the first services they offered email based sure bets services. People were finding different arbitrage betting on the different bookmaker websites and then sent out an email to their service subscribers.

Next, we have software that searches and finds sure bets online. These programs will be installed on your own computer. It will have to be running and scanning for arbitrage betting opportunities. You will find online based variations of these as well.

Then you have sure bets alert services. They will send out alerts either by email or SMS to you when their services find anything of interest.


Now that you know how sure bets work, you will be able to start using this concept and make money. When done properly, betting arbitrage can offer you great opportunity to earn money.

Sure bets is a great place for you to work from your most convenient place. Make sure you gather sufficient information about the current sure bets before investing in it.

Always have a good bankroll management strategy when building up a sure bets bankroll. Keep a betting journal, be disciplined and put in the hard work and you will see your bankroll get bigger and richer.

With sure bets sports betting becomes a way to invest money instead of gambling.​

So you see, making $1000+/month is easier than you may have thought. By carefully following the tips here you'll be well on your way.

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