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How To Pick The Best Sports Betting Strategy That Will Guarantee You Consistent Wins

Sports betting can be tough for both seasoned bettors and beginners alike. Although this is the reality of the matter when it comes to sports betting, the secret to successful sports betting is having a sports betting strategy that can guarantee you consistent wins each time you place your bets on all the sporting events of your choice.

However, with so many sports betting strategies out there and plenty of advice on how to become a successful bettor, it can be quite challenging to figure out which sports betting strategy will work best for you especially if you are a beginner.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in your quest to finding the best strategy that will work best for you when it comes to sports betting.

In fact, the key to picking the best strategy is to first and foremost figure out whether the strategy you have in mind is effective or not.

More important, you need to understand the nature of the sport or sports events that you are betting on in order to increase your odds of winning consistently.

Here are some actionable tips on how to pick the best sports betting strategy to help you get started with picking an effective sports betting strategy that will guarantee you consistent wins hence making you a successful bettor.

1. Always do your research well prior to placing your bets

research prior bettingThis is by far the most important thing to do when it comes to picking an effective sports betting strategy.

After all, studies have found that bettors who research thoroughly before placing their bets have higher chances of winning than their counterparts who do little or no research at all.

Irrespective of your betting experience, doing your homework well can make all the difference between winning consistently and losing big-time each time you place your bets.

Even if following your instincts when placing your bets may sometimes seem to work, you will however not win consistently every time you place your bets if at all you are following your instincts.

As such, you have to do thorough research on every sporting event you intend to bet on.

Your research should involve things such as looking at statistics, monitoring trends and analyzing previous sporting events prior to placing your bets.

You can find plenty of research material on the internet, particularly sports betting websites, to get the information you need for your research.

2. Embrace bankroll management/money management

sports betting bankrollLike with any form of gambling, you can’t really afford to spend all your money on sports betting. You definitely have to set aside a certain amount of money for your betting.

This amount of money that is set aside for betting and which one can afford to spend is normally referred to as bankroll in the betting community.

Considering that you are simply betting on the outcome of unpredictable sporting events and that there isn’t any guarantee of winning, then it means that you can only bet on a particular sum of money which you can use as your bankroll for a given betting duration.

The best sports betting strategy for proper money management while betting is to place bets with about 1%-5% of the money you have set aside as your bankroll.

If you have set aside $ 500 as your bankroll, for instance, you can place $5-$10 bets on each sporting event.

The best thing about having a bankroll management in your betting strategy is that it cushions you against incurring huge losses from placing larger bets that you may eventually end up losing.

The other benefit of having a bankroll management is that you will not feel the urge to spend more money on betting so as to make up for the losses you made after losing on previous bets.

3. Try odds comparison

odds comparisonThis is a crucial part of picking an effective sports betting strategy. Odds comparison helps you pick the bets that offer the highest value for your pick selections.

You can’t expect to make sports betting a profitable investment if at all you are not getting the best odds.

Therefore, do some odds comparison prior to placing your bets.

There are many odds comparison websites these days that show odds drawn from all major sporting events.

Use such sites to identify the bets that offer the best odds possible for your selection.

4. Always have a sober mind when betting

sober when bettingSome sports bettors bet under the influence of alcohol, something that prevents them from making decent money from their betting.

Alcohol is known to impair judgment in everything that one does, with betting not being an exception.

When you are betting under the influence of alcohol, your judgment is definitely compromised. Like with other types of betting, sports betting requires sound judgment as well.

It, therefore, means that you risk making bad decisions such as placing the wrong bets if you are betting under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs that can affect your judgment.

This will definitely affect your chances of earning decent money from sports betting. Therefore, always bet while sober no matter what.

5. Keep learning from your betting experiences

Earning long-term profits from sports betting isn’t an easy task.

That is why your betting strategy should provide room for learning.

Learn from your betting experiences, specifically from your betting successes and mistakes as well.

If for instance, you find that you win more when betting on certain sporting events, then you should concentrate more on such events.

Similarly, avoid betting on the events that you tend to make more losses.

The more you learn from your betting experiences, the more money you will earn in the long-run.

You can also learn from other seasoned bettors and find out what makes them successful in their betting.sports betting strategy


Sports betting can be a profitable investment provided you are using the right betting strategy that will work best for you.

With these tips on how to pick the best sports betting strategy, then you already have everything you need to pick a strategy that will not only work best for you but most importantly guarantee you consistent wins as well.

That way, you can turn your love for sports to a money making activity while having fun at the same time.

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