Lay Betting Guide and How To Make Money

Lay betting is when you bet on a result not to happen. For instance, if you place a bet with us on a horse not to win a race, betting to football team not to win a game. Betting to a golfer not to make a birdie on a specific hole.

In lay betting, you turn into the bookmaker. It is precisely the same as the times in your life that you may have said to a companion: “I bet you that xxx will not occur.”

The same is true when you are viewing sporting occasions. While it can be hard to predict the possible result of a horse race or football game, you may think that its easier to take a stance that one team/horse won’t win.

In this case, lay betting permits you as a gambler to back your conviction and bet that something won’t occur.


Lay betting is especially well known in horse racing. As you may know, picking the winner in a race is no simple task! Mostly, if the race most loved is a short price, it is more productive if you back this horse to lose (and it loses) than if you back it to win.

Lay Betting

How does Lay Betting work?

In lay betting, you turn into the bookmaker. You offer the odds on a result that you think won’t occur for other market punters to accept.

When you offer a lay bet, you see a greater possibility of finding a winner. If your bets are in a horse race, then you get whatever is left in the field to defeat the horse you’ve laid.

If it’s in a WDW (Win Draw Win) Lay bet you get two different results against the team you’ve laid, or if it is a head-to-head bet, your get the rival of the team or player you have bet against.

What is the easiest approach to winning laying betting?

There are various methods to profit form lay betting however here is a summary of the simplest ways.

-Laying a favorite that is overrated (bad value) or likewise called a false favorite

-Lay the field with the goal that you can benefit when x number of lays get coordinated

-Lay favorites in the running by identifying favorites that have lost at short odds some time recently

Back a horse pre-race who’s value you think will drop in running and put down a lay bet at double the stake or half the odds to double your rewards or lose all if not matched. Varieties of dobbing where you back and lay a horse to win a percentage rate of your initial stake.

Another critical thing to remember when lay betting is that you are playing the role of the bookie. In this manner, if your instinct isn’t right and your bet goes awry, you need to pay out as would the bookie.

So different form traditional punter who is basically out the cash when the bet does not work out, the lay better needs to watch on their liability for the bet. A simple bet for a 10/1 favorite to lose turns into a 1/10 liability if the favorite does without a doubt win.

Liabilities explained

The liability is the sum that you could lose in a worst-case outcome when you put down a lay bet. You control the amount you wish to risk and the amount you could win.

In a lay bet, you generally remain to win the stake of the opposing bet. When laying, in any case, the essential figure is the sum it will cost you if you miss the point and your choice wins the race or match.

You need to manage and deal with the risks since the sums you could lose are significantly greater than you could win in specific cases.

Lay betting in horse racing is proving to be more popular as you are betting against a horse winning, which means you have bet to win.

It is similarly popular in other games where punters have a strong opinion that a team will not win, for example. I really can’t stress enough that getting the best price is vital in gambling, no matter whether your betting for fun or betting for a living.

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