Horse Racing Betting Systems 101- All You Need To Know For A Successful Run

What Is Horse Racing Betting Systems?

Horse racing betting systems is basically a set of rules and guidelines designed to help punters- which is a fancy name for gamblers- to settle on a horse and jockey to place the bet on.

Different systems are based on different principles ranging from the horse’s physique, horse’s lineage to the jockey’s performance history. Some even go as far as including variables such as the weather and performance trends regardless of the pick’s physique or abilities.

More often than not, these betting systems are created by prolific betters and experts in the horse racing scene. They use their wealth of experience and knowledge about betting in this beautiful sport to come up with solid systems to help rookies and betting veterans alike.

Horse racing is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in the betting scene ever. With an international crowd of betting enthusiasts, the exhilarating experience is definitely worth all the hype it gets.

However, it goes without saying that betting is always a lot more fun and significantly easier and more profitable with a few guidelines and tips to help you settle for the right horse and rider.

I mean, unless you have a legit lucky charm with some Harry Potter-like magic, you shouldn’t expect to make much from random picks. The guidelines available in horse racing betting are in the form of different systems with literally hundreds of them in the betting scene.

Below is all you need to know about them in terms of what exactly they are, where they come from and which are the best and most profitable in the horse race betting today.

horse racing betting systems

Top 3 Horse Racing Betting Systems And How They Work

There are all sorts of betting systems in horse racing today with different principles working for different people based on personality and preferences. However, there are a few systems that cut across all these betting demographic groups working wonders for those who use them wisely.

Without further ado, below are the 3 best horse racing betting systems for those who want to enjoy betting success through what is essentially informed and educated guessing.

1. The Dutching or Hedging System

Math geeks in the house? This one is for you. This system is all numbers and calculations with the odds and probabilities being calculated using all-encompassing formulas. Something very unique about this system is the fact that it allows you to bet on several horses, usually two of the three best.

The formulas allow you to identify the combinations that are most likely to succeed based on odds. Also known as hedging, the Dutching System is one of the most popular due to its effectiveness and as a result its very lucrative nature. This is because it is one of the few systems in the betting scene that takes all variables into account including the horse, jockey and trainer’s form, performance history and so much more.

2. The Beaten Favorite System

Even the best fall down sometimes. This couldn’t possibly be truer in the world of horse racing where front runners and crowd favorites end up on a losing streak and become the underdogs in subsequent runs. When this happens, players in the betting scene tend to dump all their stakes on these horses focusing on more attractive prospects. As a result, the odds on these so called beaten favorites’ tend to skyrocket making them high stakes picks.

If you are a gutsy player with a soft spot for underdogs, then this method might just work for you. What makes it such a great system is the fact that these beaten horses rarely stay away from the top for a long time with their comebacks being super lucrative for those who remained loyal through the hard times.

3. The Jockey and Trainer Form System

This is one of the few successful systems there is that allows you to follow both your heart and your head. It is based on the jockey’s form and performance history as well as that of their trainer. In this case, things like the riders physique, riding style, weight and even height need to be considered.

With the trainer, on the other hand, the most important factor is the training style and preferences in terms of horses and jockeys that they work with. This information helps to come up with probability measures and odds in order to make bets with a higher success rate. In order to increase the chances further, it is also important to factor in the horse’s form and performance history for a solid pick.

Final verdict

After all is said and done there is no denying the fact that it is always a great idea to work with horse racing betting systems. This help increases your chances of winning by allowing you to choose not only with your heart but also with your head.

The information above should help you not only understand how systems work but also how to settle on the one that works best for you and your personality type.

Either way, whether you are a prolific punter or you are a rookie seeking the rush that comes with sports gambling, you can rest assured that the systems described above will contribute significantly to increasing your chances of winning. Just remember that the systems are simply guidelines and not foolproof winning tickets.

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