6 Basketball Betting Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning

A basketball game can be decided by errors, slips and individual magic of the star players. For this reason, the game can spin off in all sorts of ways. This has led some people to believe that it’s impossible to bet and make money on basketball matches. The best way to succeed at basketball betting is by being consistent with some basketball betting tips.

This is especially so when you are betting on basketball games throughout the tournament for instance NBA season, FIBA World Cup or Olympic Basketball tournament. In this article, we tell you some of the best basketball betting tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning.

basketball betting tips

6 Basketball Betting Tips

1. Don’t follow teams senselessly

All of us have favorite teams that we like to bet on, but this does not necessarily mean that we have to stick to them even if odds are heavily stacked against them. Do not bet according to your emotions. In most cases, you will be biased and make wrong decisions.

To make proper betting decisions, you need to rely on your gut feel, solid data and accurate information. Winning requires a sharp mind and your ability to make correct decisions.

2. Be sure that the key players are available

Do not rush and place your bet early before you read the team news. Read team news to know who is injured, who will start and who won’t. Star players often influence matches and their absence can hurt their teams a lot.

3. Don’t bet with the public always

When the public tends to get fully behind a team, you may want to consider backing the opposing team. You will get much greater value when you bet against the public as bookmakers want to minimize odds for majority of bettors picking the favorite team.

In most cases, sports betting fans will side with the favorite and the overs market. Throw in the media hype and you are most likely to get an unbalanced view of what might happen during the game.

Even in a case where a team has been tipped to lose by great margin, their resolve can be strengthened by these comments and encourage them to do everything possible to win the game. Therefore, the unders/overs market can generally be very attractive when you wager against conventional wisdom.

4. Take advantage of In-Play Betting

NBA games are characterized by wild swings and things can become very strange if the game becomes non-competitive in “garbage time” (second half). This is why some gamblers take advantage of in-play betting.

Most in-play strategies are informed by coaching tendencies and lineup combinations. Live-betting is a real chance to take full advantage of what people call the ugly side of NBA. These are the coaches who bench star players in a bid to keep them fresh, occasional concentration lapses, me first ball and garbage time.

You could be watching a game and you feel this stuff is likely to happen. If you bet in live-play, you could make a lot of money.

5. Don’t rely too much on data

It is a good thing to look at statistical information between playing teams. However, you should always take such data with a pinch of salt. Generally, trends are informative and are even worth peeking at, but don’t expect what happened in the past to influence the outcome of today. One team may always be dominating another, but do remember that the possibility of an upset is never too far away.

6. Bet on teams playing the 3rd game on a 4-night schedule

Players are human beings, and they will always be jaded and have no strength left, more so when they are playing away from their home turf. While bookmakers most certainly take this fact into consideration when assigning odds, the odds could still be in your favor. Bet on the team playing home as it is most likely to win.


As in other sports, you may get lucky and win with basketball betting. However as a full time gambler will tell you, it takes more than luck to win. It requires a well-thought out strategy that includes properly researching the team and knowing whether key players will start or not. Don’t just vote for a team because it is your favorite team even odds don’t favor it. Also, know that a team playing on home court enjoys a special advantage and always has a better chance of winning.

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